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Subject: Love
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aliyuibr 26.05.12 - 04:08pm
Hw can i love my sistr *

fear 27.05.12 - 07:04pm
By realising that one day she will be the only blood relation you have left and that she is not only your family,but will be an aunt to your children and if you love n care for n support her, she will return that love, care n support

butt30 18.08.12 - 09:58am
You can trust me give me y love at+923334560660 *

fear 19.08.12 - 07:22am
Why on earth did you think that little stunt would work? Mr b*tt...lmao! *

butt30 19.08.12 - 05:01pm
Hey shut your mouth you are little *

fear 19.08.12 - 06:47pm
I'm little? rofl2.GIF omg,what an excellent throwback, I'm shocked out of my mind...not to mention I'm completely scared of you now!!! Pmpl! b*tthead *

butt30 19.08.12 - 09:37pm
Y are very proud so down the earth and love with animals if y dont like human being.you are not human being .make dog than people like y . *

butt30 19.08.12 - 09:40pm

gavstr79 21.08.12 - 02:23pm
Borrrring !!! *

fear 21.08.12 - 10:56pm
I second that, gavster... I would have replied but I just couldn't read the mangled version of English...

hiffy 30.09.12 - 07:09pm
Love......it is the ultimate thing dat could ever happen in d history of man. And it will continue to exist even till the end of time.

fear 2.10.12 - 09:34pm
Oh sure hiffy... Except that I have been in love...its painfull, pointless and fking overrated... *

tanha99 3.10.12 - 10:40pm
True love never End,understand *

fear 4.10.12 - 08:09pm
Really tanha? So what happens when you darling dies? Do you refuse to move on after 15years? *

40ozloc 18.10.12 - 10:11pm
Lol Fear, you are something else.. You seem linda bitter. *

hiffy 20.10.12 - 10:28pm
Fear, love is not painful and fking overrated as u say when u are in love with the right person and in the right manner *

40ozloc 21.10.12 - 05:28pm
Smh love is give and take.. some times you have to accommodate for another person in your life. *

tanha99 7.03.13 - 05:34pm
thanks,fear *

fear 25.03.13 - 08:30pm
Sorry to upset you hiffy, i should have realized how important you were before stating my humble opinion...
Love is glorious and more than anything you could dream of, but i would rather have gone through life without ever having fallen in love than to watch my love bleed to death without being able to do anything...
Kinda bitter? Yeah...you would think 4years ought to heal the burn...? Heres to hoping love never finds me again! *

40ozloc 31.03.13 - 06:04pm
hahaha fear smh.. *

fear 31.03.13 - 08:47pm
Shame your ass, you pansy *

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