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Star noises
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Group Founder: toddster
Description: Come join the s*xiest loudest group in the world, are you looking for glorious ringtones and full length mp3s & albums??? could you do with a few of the latest MP4 films to download onto your iphone or android? or maybe you just want to pimp your phone/laptop up with some cool apps, themes & wallpapers. Well if you answer yes to all those then i think you just found digital heaven. / Not only can you download any item for FREE you can also add your own material in the files section, read or add topics & replys in the forum area ,create polls & most of all enjoy ones self. / And now check out the exclusive iplayer uploads topics with kids & regular bbc programs direct download to your phone. / Files found here are :- Mp4, avi, mkv, mov, 3gp, txt, jpg, gif, png, wav, mp3, mid, poly, amr, wma. / NEW world exclusive mp3 tones never heard before & only available in this group, tv themes, animal noises, wwe themes, comedy clips, every music style, national anthems & more.......so what are you waiting for go to prodigits.co.uk today! and join in.... Click the link at the bottom of this page. Nokia, samsung, lg, sony, sagem, spv, windows, iphone, blackberry, voda, orange, apple, 3g, htc, tmobile, g1, o2, sprint, verizon and any other make of phone supported
Group Type: Public join
Members: 15034
Category: Music > General

Topics (194)

go DEBATE (0) horlarmzy
go new (1) 0fficially
go U like facebook? [107] hilary0
go CHAT (4) ronaldez
go chat me (15) danielmatsumoto35
go covid 19 (4) jacenorman
go New (0) kinglamba
go songs (5) suomadopechick
go Congratulations! (1) aftab07dz
go NEED HELP (6) sahela
go :: Members wapgroups (n) :: [54] toddster
go *::Decent guy wanted ::* [144] naila787
go Miss u (0) wendkin
go Party animal (0) ajk18
go house party playlist (1) ladyfluf

Photos (66)

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Files (2528)

1 french Montana
2 french Montana
3 Bacchikoi
4 flo rida
5 alex clare
6 skyfall
7 sniper animation
8 chase and status Brixton Briefcase (Ft. Cee Lo Green)
9 chase and status Hypest Hype (Ft. Tempa T)
10 adele Don''t You Remember
11 realHeavy (Ft. Dizzee Rascal) ft oggtronix
12 Chase & status Heavy (Ft. Dizzee Rascal) ft oggtronix
13 chase and status Blind Faith (Ft. Liam Bailey) mp3
14 Bounty Killer - It''s Okay
15 take that the flood mp3


Polls (93)

go who u luv most??
go Are Muslims really terrorists?
go IF you are given a chance to be a recording artist what genre of song would you like to sing?
go Which is your favourite mobile?
go fav sport
go do u think obama's visit reflect any good change in indian economy?
go who is ur fav r&b singer
go Which is the most romantic place
go Who is your fav jamaican dancehall artist
go Where do you like listening to music the most?
go What type of girl would u like 2 marrie
go What z da greatest thing u ever done 2 ur frnd?
go if u have 2 live without any one of da folowin,wat wud it be?
go What do you want to see more of in this group ?
go what is your favorite greenday song?


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