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Subject: *::Decent guy wanted ::*
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fear 4.10.12 - 08:13pm
Keep looking hun...@iamregie

40ozloc 6.10.12 - 07:49pm
Aint that it... *

fear 7.10.12 - 12:03am
Aint that what? @4Oozloc

40ozloc 7.10.12 - 04:46am
ain't nobody gonna find true love on this thing right here... it's all a myth.. *

fear 7.10.12 - 08:34am
Oh no, some people might...and then when they're done having their hearts ripped out and all their time wasted, then maybe they will realize how pointless it is to chase the myth *

40ozloc 8.10.12 - 04:44am
You sound like a person who has been down that road before, like it has happened to you on here.. Hmm. *

40ozloc 8.10.12 - 04:46am

fear 9.10.12 - 07:27pm
Not online, but regardless, it won't happen again... *

40ozloc 10.10.12 - 09:22pm
Well it happened to me offline and online, so I know where you are coming from with that. *

40ozloc 10.10.12 - 09:24pm
why isn't we are the only mother z on here talking??? *

40ozloc 10.10.12 - 09:26pm
Fuccaz* *

fear 11.10.12 - 09:44am
lol....aybe we are the only interesting people and everyone else feels intimidated...? *

40ozloc 11.10.12 - 09:16pm
it sure seems like that.. it seems everybody else is on that illiterate bulls**t. they have nothing constructive to talk about other then making indignant statements. *

40ozloc 11.10.12 - 09:22pm
you do look like a cheeky Drew Barrymore@ Fear.. Lol

fear 13.10.12 - 10:15pm
rofl2.GIF drew barrymore?! Where did you get that from? Cheeky yes, but not drew... *

40ozloc 13.10.12 - 11:37pm
well who do you think you look like then??? you look like her in her younger days, thats where I got that from.. *

fear 14.10.12 - 06:44am
I think I really look like my mother... *

40ozloc 14.10.12 - 08:14am
Well, I dont know what your mother look like.. Sorry. *

fear 14.10.12 - 08:25am
lol, she didn't look like Drew barrymore...

roynadar 14.10.12 - 07:39pm
like someone famous said... fck fear drink.GIF drink beer :) *

fear 14.10.12 - 10:33pm
Right back atcha honey drunk.GIF *

40ozloc 15.10.12 - 07:00am
well that's the best thing I could had came up with.... I could have said Lindsay Lohan. Lol *

fear 15.10.12 - 08:21pm
rofl2.GIF your just picking names out of the air now.lol...shall we go back to talking about why no decent guy has yet hooked up with...umm... Who created this forum??? *

40ozloc 15.10.12 - 09:27pm
I thought you was the 1 that made up the subject matter... Hmmm. Well Im lookin for a decent woman. *

roynadar 16.10.12 - 03:47pm
lindsay lohan and drew barrymore is the best you could come up with? you need to develop a better taste!! lol

jeeit 16.10.12 - 03:51pm
(midfing) *

40ozloc 16.10.12 - 07:05pm
Mane, stfu you d*mn Hindu c*ck sucker. *

fear 16.10.12 - 08:15pm
i'm sure that even if there ever were any decent women online, the pervs on here would have scared them away... what would you have come up with Roy? Jolie and Anneston? *

fear 16.10.12 - 08:18pm
i'm sure that even if there ever were any decent women online, the pervs on here would have scared them away... what would you have come up with Roy? Jolie and Anneston? *

40ozloc 17.10.12 - 01:48am
I suppose so... majority of the females on here seems stuck up. *

roynadar 18.10.12 - 11:41am
why would l compare my girl with a celebrity? my girl would be unique in her own way... and l would want her for what she is and not bcoz she bears resemblance to someone l have seen on screen! *

40ozloc 18.10.12 - 09:08pm
you are a clown as* mother fcca for real.. I guess that makes up for the small d*ck that you have.. *

frimpz 10.11.12 - 10:17am
i'd like think of ma self as a descent,single n simple guy *

fear 10.11.12 - 09:48pm
rofl2.GIF goody goody, best not let me make you a sinner honey*winx* @frimpz *

40ozloc 10.11.12 - 11:28pm
Hmmmm.. *

fear 11.11.12 - 04:55am
only one kind annouces he is single-and its not the decent kind, in fact I think the decent kind don't come here anymore... *

40ozloc 13.11.12 - 05:37am
oh you think so okay.... *

shafa916 15.11.12 - 07:30pm
Hai *

0raaj0 23.11.12 - 09:02am
hi frends *

fear 26.11.12 - 08:18am
hilarious.GIF friends friends friends friends friends!!!!! Odd place to be looking for friends dontcha think? *

valjean 29.11.12 - 08:42am
friend-zoned before you even reply(troll level novice) *

olesiare 2.12.12 - 06:27am
Naila im rait here. A maasai boy from Kenya *

40ozloc 5.12.12 - 04:41am
are you in a mental hospital fear or what?? *

bekar 6.12.12 - 10:20am
I think dat i am decent...or what do u think:-) *

sephardi 11.12.12 - 08:54pm

fear 13.12.12 - 04:50am
You heard him girls...check him out.//you want to know what I thibk bekar? I think you Don't know how to spell, dakar would have been a much more awesome name...

x.noni.x 15.12.12 - 01:14pm
GEIkINuA8bxB5wUSuXVD.jpg *

dr.aamir 17.12.12 - 09:33am
Aamir Khan Aemi here. .:-) PabSzVJIwRGW7E07LdOM.jpg *

mohsin14 18.12.12 - 08:53am

khud ki tarif hame ni aati....agar koi hame pehchan le to acha he....hi2.GIF *

darksiyd 23.12.12 - 11:32pm
ok *

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