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go who u luv most??
go Are Muslims really terrorists?
go IF you are given a chance to be a recording artist what genre of song would you like to sing?
go Which is your favourite mobile?
go fav sport
go do u think obama's visit reflect any good change in indian economy?
go who is ur fav r&b singer
go Which is the most romantic place
go Who is your fav jamaican dancehall artist
go Where do you like listening to music the most?
go What type of girl would u like 2 marrie
go What z da greatest thing u ever done 2 ur frnd?
go if u have 2 live without any one of da folowin,wat wud it be?
go What do you want to see more of in this group ?
go what is your favorite greenday song?
go Do u love justin beiber???
go wat would u do if u were give de power 2 rule de world?
go Who r u?
go Which animal z said that it neva 4gets?
go Which country you think is most develop?

* noises

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