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Subject: covid 19
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jacenorman 1.05.20 - 01:50am
may god save us *

mikeymk 4.06.20 - 04:09am
God saves nobody. Literally everyone and everything dies. Mud is the soup of everything that has died before us. Earth is literally a death machine, made of death. With a skin of life, only grown so it can be the next layer of death. Of all the evil here, covid-19 is just one extra bullet on the battlefield. You're all dead already, as you're fired aimlessly through space on a doomed hot rock. RIP to you all. *

sharifahex 3.04.21 - 10:09am
Helo Memberz *

0gypsy0 12.04.21 - 03:24pm
Well said Mikey, you're my ray of sunshine *

mikeymk 29.07.21 - 08:29am
proud.GIF *

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