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Subject: NEED HELP
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sahela 26.02.19 - 04:46pm
monster.GIF guys i need help
theres this guy who super cuit and handsome, one look at him you'd fall madly inlove with him
his the most handsome of all my friends and his kind of asking but i dont seem to have intrest in him.... why

warded 2.03.19 - 07:10pm
what.GIF *

mayue44 5.03.19 - 03:00pm
Because you never meet me before?.lol *

0gypsy0 29.03.19 - 06:40pm
You don't have an interest in him because you he's not interesting to you and because you don't find him interesting.... It's all very interesting *

sxiami 30.04.19 - 05:33pm
Because maybe your gut instinct is telling you he's a bad one, pretty boys often only think of themselves because they are often shallow. Follow your gut love, it's rarely ever wrong xx *

djsmesh 10.09.19 - 08:18am
Am here *

dimiejoseph 11.11.19 - 07:56am
Lolss so whats ur point ? Wanna be he's girlfriend ? *

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