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Subject: sia chanderlier
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charliieey 24.05.14 - 06:39am
I cant find it to download anywhere any suggestions please x *

piskey 24.05.14 - 07:04am
It's on you tube. If can't buy on iTunes the go onto a clean site called cnet and search for youtube downloader. Most of these are free. You can then download the video on youtube and convert to various files including mp3. Hope that helps *

charliieey 24.05.14 - 09:25am
Thank you xx *

piskey 24.05.14 - 12:16pm
No probs. cnet are a great site for stuff like that. Good free anti spyware etc. I did use vdownloader which was good but youtube caught up with tech. Now use ytd. Being a Karl Denver fan theres only his most popular stuff available to order in shops, his rare stuff is on youtube. It's a great way to get tracks and vids without constantly eating into data. *

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