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Subject: Does love exist anymore
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sowendi 27.11.12 - 05:48am
I dnt tink lav exists rlshps r more bent on cash n luks *

hiffy 28.11.12 - 11:43am
Love does exist. Infact it everywhere even beside u. Just open ur heart and he is ready to come in and make u soar like the eagle

hiffy 28.11.12 - 11:48am
do you want me to tell how to find trur love. *

hiffy 28.11.12 - 05:24pm
i would like a few questions. First of all, what's ur religion? *

sowendi 29.11.12 - 06:06am
Christian *

hiffy 30.11.12 - 09:08am
Good. I take it dat u know dat Jesus loves you and he was thinking of u when he went to d cross to die for u. He loves you in a way no one has ever and will ever love you. Besides, he will never forsake u, break ur heart or do anything to hurt u. All u av to do is love him back and he will give u a guy who will love u d way he does. A guy who will never leave u. Just trust and love Jesus. *

hiffy 4.12.12 - 08:23am
U are welcome. I hope that helped ease ur mind? *

sephardi 11.12.12 - 08:58pm
only de hrt can tell *

baboon26 17.12.12 - 02:20pm
It exists but differs in tha way a person luv anotha *

beniboye 31.12.12 - 05:28pm
yes love do exit, but it is difficult to find true and endless love *

bi_bee 31.12.12 - 06:59pm
NO *

srigadu 31.01.13 - 12:47am
Hai *

biuti 3.02.13 - 07:10am
OMG! Love b2n individuals does not exist.....if love is eternal explain then Y ppl eventually get bored wth their partners after some 5yrs?? cz it wasnt love. the only love there is the love which God has 4 us.... *

hiffy 22.02.13 - 05:25pm
Love does exist. The only thing is we should surrender our lives and our heart to God who is our first love. By doing this , God will give us the person after his heart who will love us the right way and d way it should be. *

ransome 27.02.13 - 11:41am
If u want to know just try me. *

matriar 9.04.13 - 03:30pm
I genuinely believe love exists! *

hiffy 20.04.13 - 04:16pm
it really does @matriar *

4juice 25.04.13 - 05:37pm
But God doesnt exists nor Jesus. *

matriar 26.04.13 - 11:46pm
It isn't fair for u to assume dat evry 1 blvs what u blv we all have different opinion...steups *

hiffy 27.04.13 - 01:33pm
@4juice, i want u to answer dis question, does death exist?. If it does, den God exists *

kofokoko 13.05.13 - 02:17am
yes it dose but when u aredy 4 it than it will 5ind u *

hiffy 13.05.13 - 09:52am
and do u think death comes on its ow without being controlled and sent by God? To pick whoever he wants? *

akasha89 28.05.13 - 03:23pm
Yes love is real i was a single mom of 2 and one day god blessed me with a wonderful man i now call my husband after 5yr *

hiffy 29.05.13 - 10:11pm
Wow! Dats Uper cool Akasha *

yeticas 3.07.13 - 09:09am
Luv does exist if it doesnt tell me why u love ur frnds family n if this luv we talkin about is romantic luv it does exist n pls dont decieve urself cos it can happen if u believe it trust me u gonna go places u ve never gone before pls dont give up n fool urself cos thats the way it is what is stronger than blood is the bond of love the most powerful tool in the world ur gonna soar when it gets u i bet on it love u guys *

matriar 4.07.13 - 04:43pm
@yeticas that's an excellent way of putting it! *

hiffy 5.07.13 - 08:38am
i sincerely agree with u @yeticas *

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