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Subject: why r women the way they r
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free9018 17.09.12 - 06:17am
Why r they so high maintenence and demanding...even when u satisfy them *

fear 18.09.12 - 08:33pm
Because we know our worth and if you think the price(in terms of effort) is too high, its just because you don't care enough...the high-maintainence and demanding features lessens with time though... *

free9018 12.10.12 - 06:31pm
When u do nothing but make ur man miserable..wats ur worth then....and that's the 1 thing u put the most effort into *

fear 12.10.12 - 09:52pm
That depends on the kind of women you have...I have never made any man miserable(except my dad when I started smoking hubly...but that doesn't count)not all women fall in the same category...not all of them are smart,have PMS,take yoga,or eat meat...its like every woman is unique, which is why its so scarce for one woman to get along with another *

fear 12.10.12 - 09:58pm
For example, my best friend and I were born on the same day and raised together so theoretically we ought to be very much alike-we have lots in common: our sense of humor, our tastes in music, our wardrobes...but she has PMS, a soft heart and a love for children-i don't...
I have a dare-devil streek, a temper and a slight addiction to tequilla an the smell of freshly ground coffee beans...she doesn't... *

fear 12.10.12 - 10:02pm
She had morals, was a vegetarian and used to go to church...I never tried any of those...I'm a car enthusiast, creative and pagan... *

fear 12.10.12 - 10:03pm
Most importantly: she was murdered, I have murdered...

free9018 28.12.12 - 03:50pm
Yeah and u still don't know how to treat a man...but u know.....I had everything that meant anything to me tkn by a girl that a woman let lie about something *

fear 30.12.12 - 09:45pm
Just like there are men on earth who like to break woman's hearts, there are woman who like to break hearts too...nobody denies that, but its unjustified to blame the entire feminine race for the mistakes made by a few(or not so few)brainless, immature girls...I stand by what I said: I have never made any man miserable. I know my worth and I won't settle for anything unless I an 100% sure its right for me...its aloof effort and if nobody is capable of that amount of effort, well I'm very fking happy on my own! *winx* *

free9018 6.01.13 - 02:39pm
Well this woman let this girl tke my dignity..integrety...honor..and my life..not to mention my freedom for the rest of my life...gee thanx... *

fear 7.01.13 - 09:12pm
Wow...maybe your just real stupid to fall for whatever they got you to do...sooner or later you gotta realise that you can't blame an entire gender for your poor taste in lovers sweetheart...its not like I go around saying all men suck just because one guy didn't love me back...or that all men are cr*p because my brother turned his back on me for no reason... Grow up and learn to deal with life now, before another set of shrewd women nail you as* to the floor again...and perhaps go for a different kind of girl...? *

foxa 14.01.13 - 07:00am
Man ur too cold just too cold *

fear 8.02.13 - 08:06pm
Its called being realistic...and yes im cold. Would it have helped if i rather said: oh don't worry about it sweatheart, things will get better...one day the right girl is going to come along and find you and you will be happy. Here, have a cookie ?????

No, nobody here is 5years Old anymore. the right person for you is not going to come looking for you when your too d*mn scared ti crawl out from Under your rock. You have to get up and go searching for her, and yes there's lots of cr*p out there, and you'll have to suck it up with the s**t women so That you'll appreciate the good ones! *

free9018 19.02.13 - 01:16am
read wat u wrote before u judge..ur knee deep in s**t just like me..haha..and here we r slinging..typical female *

fear 20.02.13 - 09:25pm
You asked a question and i explained the answer to you...whether or not you listen is irrelevant, but i have yet to deliver my fisrt judgement...and here it comes you hypocritical ! Im sorry for helping your unappreciative as* to take your pessimistic, discriminatory trash out online! Ever heard the saying dont air your dirty laundry in public? You ought to get Over your dificiencies in life, there are much more important things to talk about than your incapability to treat women right or your utter lack of social skills...The fact That this confersation has gone the Way it has just proves it! *

free9018 24.02.13 - 02:04am
y do u think I moved 800 mles for *

free9018 24.12.13 - 01:12am
now thats a woman tlkn *

ourvivek 25.12.13 - 03:50am
http://bit.ly/1hSV0aT *

piskey 25.12.13 - 06:24pm
There are no winners in the battle of the s*xes as opposing sides are forever fraternizing *

faizanmaheri 30.01.14 - 03:29am
Add me *

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