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Subject: U like facebook?
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mikeymk 22.07.17 - 04:49am
I don't like what it's turned into. It used to be about friends and family. Now it's just overloaded with shyte. I scroll and scroll, ten mins and that's ten mins of my time I'm never getting back. It's all foreign, shared shyte.

Maybe I can find something in the settings that will stop anything that isn't posted directly by someone on my friends list? Why do so many of them share/like clickbait? Does my head in. There are plenty of other sites if you wanna share random stuff you find interesting. *

vjstevo 18.08.17 - 10:48pm

ravivijayok 19.08.17 - 06:08pm
Lot of friends with lot of fun i like it soo much (friends) *

piskey 22.08.17 - 04:41am
I agree mikeymk. The clickbait posts are a nightmare. Despite sharing the link on hoax-slayer about the dangers of those posts as well as the fact that there are no free motor homes etc they still share the posts. Also the constant chain letters etc. I stopped going on there. It was great when it was chatting to family and old friends from school etc *

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