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Subject: *::Decent guy wanted ::*
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naila787 6.03.12 - 06:10am
Come decent guy with his pic ,m looking 4 good friends so *

g3n1u5 12.03.12 - 05:33am
ahm ahm *

hilary0 17.03.12 - 08:04pm
Gud idea *

andy.g 19.03.12 - 10:42am
I like to think I'm a decent guy, tho probably too old for u *

40ozloc 4.04.12 - 11:35am
Wow ok.. West up ppl? *

benzu05 11.04.12 - 11:33am
i m not hehe.GIF *

angel207 14.04.12 - 01:33pm
Im loving mine inlove.GIF *

ozbrettt 18.04.12 - 04:36pm
Pick me pick me lol *

nauz007 18.04.12 - 08:27pm
Pic n prfle....i think am a gud guy *

40ozloc 24.04.12 - 11:02pm
Wow is so funny on here?

00nisha0 25.04.12 - 08:16pm
During tecknical era robort is good guy *

kakeje 30.04.12 - 04:49pm

umais 1.05.12 - 05:51pm
What will happen to that decent guy *

fetfoot 1.05.12 - 06:18pm
Im a very decent guy u interested *

lonhaird 10.05.12 - 05:32am
define decent lol *

jcrazy1 10.05.12 - 10:03am
Make money online @...http://adv.justbeenpaid.com/?r=jaynew *

x.kev.x 20.05.12 - 07:40pm
I cant claim myself as the dcent guy lol 51% i am :D haha *

fear 20.05.12 - 08:19pm
rofl2.GIF decent guy? Pmpl! I wasn't aware you still get those in modern times.lol!

fear 4.07.12 - 08:39pm
No tiger, you don't find a decent guy, you have to make one *

seker19 6.07.12 - 09:25pm
I hrd smby said decent guyz...wel cm chek me out! *

matt1230 7.07.12 - 07:28am
I'm decent... Ask my ex wife lol

fear 7.07.12 - 05:05pm
Not decent? Grr! Come here honey, Pmpl! *

matt1230 8.07.12 - 04:18am
I'm there fear..lmao! Tnx for the bud req btw

fear 8.07.12 - 07:52pm
Pmpl, no no I said NOT decent.lol.lol.lol.

hilary0 23.07.12 - 12:09am
I found a dcent guy on www.flowingevents.com *

111harry 25.07.12 - 07:27pm
:) not interested...era 4 fun *

fear 26.07.12 - 02:36am
rofl2.GIF *

sandy172 27.07.12 - 08:23am
Hi. I am decent. *

seker19 27.07.12 - 10:14pm
Am here *

smith721 31.07.12 - 06:36pm
LOVE can be there if you get a serious guy or gal but you get hear broken when you come to a guy or gal who is not yet to have partner. What i know if you get someone you LOVE for real, you grow up in minds and even gentalman can trust you by giving you serious jobs and trust in what your going to do for them. For me if i come across serious gal form ASIA or EUROPE, 23yr/ 32yrs weight 45kgs/ 55kgs with white or brown hair, because that's my dream lady but must be trustful kind and respect her self contact me via tamasithe AT ya hoo. co m i will be waiting for you. *

sweety21 8.08.12 - 08:07am
Ok now this post is ed up.. :/ *

40ozloc 16.08.12 - 06:39am
Yall some lames for real.. *

butt30 18.08.12 - 09:52am
I am searching a good girl .if any than call me at+923334560660 *

free9018 6.09.12 - 01:30am
Who nhas found wat they were loooking for.....hmmm *

free9018 6.09.12 - 01:31am
Who has found wat they were loooking for.....hmmm *

fear 6.09.12 - 09:19pm
Nobody has, free9018... Thanks for pointing out that s**t-to-know fact... madlol.GIF

40ozloc 7.09.12 - 05:16pm
Where is all decent females on this b*tch? If you are in Southern California give me a holla.. *

fear 14.09.12 - 10:28pm
Decent chicks don't go online to socialize honey...I'm a criminal, what's your excuse, 40ozloc? *

40ozloc 16.09.12 - 06:10pm
s**t you gotta start somewhere why don't you? Ima down as* nigg* who is down for anything that is stimulating. Ima hoodsta.. *

40ozloc 16.09.12 - 06:12pm
And Fear, you seems the Mary Bell type lol.. *

fear 16.09.12 - 10:13pm
Mary Belle eyebrow.GIF

fear 16.09.12 - 10:25pm
Actually, you know you hear about those psychopathic serial murderers whom start off by killing their own mom n dad n sibLings at age 10 n then the first guy whom falls in lovE with you gets hanged,and then the second drowns in his own blood, maybe even the neighbour's angelic little 4year old is skinned alive and her puppy iS boiled juSt for good measure. They enD up in a straight-jacket in the padded cell and the other crazy people are scared of them...walk circles around them to scared to stare too long...@4oozloc
some of them conCider me an equal...


40ozloc 17.09.12 - 06:34pm
Oh, so are one of those.. Hmmmm. What traumatize you when you was a little girl to be like this? @Fear. for me I had an overprotective mom and strict. causes me to lush out at the rest of the world. and Trust I didnt become a serial killer or psychopath... *

fear 17.09.12 - 07:54pm
I killed my mom n dad and four brothers, that's what traumatized me... *

40ozloc 18.09.12 - 01:17am
girl, you got jokes ha ha ha laugh.GIF And what do they call you on the real?? your story is far fetched, it's like your called bad line off of the Avenivlle Horror events.. *

fear 18.09.12 - 08:29pm
That depends on who you mean by they I wish it were a joke but you try imagining having to keep as many secrets as I have to...online nobody believes a word, so I'm only save from prosecution *

40ozloc 21.09.12 - 03:11am
I'm speaking of your psychiatrist your nurses and your caretakers... I can see that you have a dark soul, psychotically disturbed,and piles of issues that cannot be unexplained. I imagine you have unhealthy childhood to question.. *

40ozloc 21.09.12 - 03:17am
Withall this fueling inside of you, you should put thoughts to paper and write a book.. why you feel the way you do, and the uncontrolable anger that you feel inside. 1 day you will find that piece just like Mary Bell did... *

fear 22.09.12 - 05:31am
I had a beautiful childhood-the problem is that it was taken from me...and I do, I write stories and songs and my poetry is in my group...but I still don't know who the fck Mary Bell is... *

40ozloc 22.09.12 - 06:20pm
why don't you just add me, tell me what happened to you... that's a good that you write stories and songs thats a brand new begins. And Girl, aint you from England?? that's where she's from and happened. Google up Mary Bell. Duh lol *

iamregie 4.10.12 - 02:44am
im looking for serious relationship, *

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