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Subject: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
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lew15d 11.11.11 - 03:01am

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is almost here! Who's getting it?

I will be purchasing the game on the 15th, so anybody on here who wants a game either on the Campaign or Multiplayer Matchmaking, you can message me here or look me up on Xbox LIVE. I have the EXACT same name on Xbox LIVE as I do on here, so I won't be hard to find.

This is going to be one of the best games to be released, this year! I remember playing the original games when I was only 8 years of age!

Now, I'm 18 and I get to relive the game again with much better graphics with other added features! I hope 343 Industries know what they're doing, now they are going to be making a brand new trilogy of Halo games. bu*ngie already did an excellent job with all their games, right from the start. Let's see if 343 give all Halo fans what they want! *

toddster 19.01.12 - 09:36am
the game looks good just watched a few trailers *

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