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Subject: rapture tomorrow or now?
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yasua 27.10.11 - 08:10am
hello friends, am jesmion, your old friend, i want us to be of a good note that the rapture is fast on the watch, *

yasua 27.10.11 - 08:18am
you shall see him come as you saw him taken to heaven, when he come will he see you ready to heaven, or engaged earthly? *

yasua 27.10.11 - 08:24am
you got to know him when he come, no one should teach you, for all eyes should see him, whether sinner or righteous, *

yasua 27.10.11 - 08:31am
exactly.GIFGOD is good, and the righteous shall triumph, but sinners will lament, and what a great lamentation, am jesmion *

yasua 27.10.11 - 08:49am
exactly.GIF my friend '3mel' and all others, pls, let us with one accord apply to GOD for additional faith nd be faithful *

yasua 27.10.11 - 08:58am
exactly.GIFhence it was by Faith Abraham was accepted as righteous man of GOD, although with works application, am jesmion *

yasua 27.10.11 - 09:08am
exactly.GIF am going to prepare a place for you said YASUA and coming to take you to heaven, let us thank YASUA for that *

yasua 27.10.11 - 09:17am
exactly.GIFYASUA the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, YHWH the FATHER of, i jesmion and YASUA can be your FATHER also! *

hiffy 4.12.12 - 08:39am
When the rapture comes we shall see Jesus the Judge and not Jesus the saviour. The clock is ticking. *

ch4s 4.12.12 - 05:11pm
Rapture my arse! What a load of cr*p! *

hiffy 4.12.12 - 07:37pm
Wow dats beautiful. Why do u think rapture is a load of cr*p?@ch4s *

bekar 6.12.12 - 10:30am
I dat he is comeing soon and we will see him when the time come:*) *

cyphere 4.05.14 - 07:02am
rapture is coming soon atleast u will no with d things happening on earth. *

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